NYC Central Park cross streets.

Here’s aquestion I get asked alot even from local drivers. Can I got through Central Park , the signs say low hight 9 feet. The answer is yes but only on certain streets. Like 79th, 86th, 96th streets, and try to stay in the center of the overpass without crossing over the center line into on coming traffic. You can do it even in a prevost H345 Model , I’ve done lots of times trust me. Good luck.

I’m Back , with a new app for Droid.

I apologize people for the long absence. But with the new droid app for , I can post from anywhere.

First Aid Kit.

Hello Fellow Drivers. I’m  sitting on my bus thinking to myself what’s missing . Then it came to me, I know it’s what’s inside our first aid kits. How many of us actually looked inside to see if anything or at least the minimum what ever that is , band aids, sterile wipes, who actually really knows what belongs  inside a first aid kits’ . Ok how about this are first aid kits actually needed to pass a DOT Inspection. No inspector has ever asked me to open a kit to look inside and see if there is anything inside.

New York City Parking Lincoln Center

Hi Drivers, Yesturday was the first time that I have dropped off or picked up Passengers at the Lincoln Center complex, in a while They have finished with the renovations and improvments to the front of the complex on 9th ave.. I dropped my passengers off on the street and picked them up there also as per one of the Lincoln Center Security Guards. Oh yea My people were going to the Opera that day. I do believe that parking on 62nd street is still Prohibited at all times. for Busses. Good luck.

Washington DC , PARKING

Okay folks , I’m hearing rumors about new parking regulations taking effect July 1st . Possibly eliminating any parking on Ohio Drive. As soon as I hear something I’ll let you know. Try this link.

DC. Parking ticket

Well I guess law of averages says it has to happen sooner or later. I got a parking ticket for being parked after four o’clock rush hour . What can I say I was sitting in drivers seat for over an hour , got out walked up to corner maybe 75 feet . Looked around corner to see if group was ready yet, turned around walked back and there it was on the windshield.  This guy must of been hiding somewhere

Washington DC parking.

Buzzards  point bus parking for busses. Great location. Check it out. Well it’s a little confusing getting here . I have a map from DC DEPT. of Transportation. It’s close but not correct. The entrance is on 2nd SW , just south of T Street. Opposite of Fort McNair . They charged me $30.00 for three hours. It’s actually easy to get here , take South Capital SW to Potomac Ave. turn right. To the end you have to tirn left onto 2nd st. SW entrance is on left side . Can’t miss it turn wide into driveway cause of large tree at entrance.

Wheelchair operations.

Wow , just had a conversation with couple drivers , about night mare stories having to use your lift . Holy crap , that’s all I have to say.

Washington DC,

Union Station bus parking . May 28th 2012. apparently now you Need a reservation to park. Depending on how busy they are and how long your going to stay. I stayed for three hours, it was $20.00 . It also wasn’t very busy, they have a new parking patern. And a new bus

Bus Lavatory.

I hope I don’t repeat my self , but I haven’t come to a positive conclusion for this question. I’m out on a multi day trip two or three day , and someone takes a good crap in your lavatory one the first day. it’s hot as hell out and you have no time to go the bus garage. What can you do to make the smell bearable?

Memorial Day Weekend,

Hi fellow drivers, drive safe friends as usual there’s plenty of vacationing people and families out there on the highways and local roads. Also as usual they are not  paying attention to there driving .you know what I mean. Don’t forget those joggers and bicyclist who think they own the road not share it.



48th st. between ,11th & 12th Avenues


Well parking in Manhattan still sucks. The only thing I can say is what might be available one day may not be, the next day or week.  I am presently on 48th street , between 11th ave. and 12th ave. and there are about four legally posted charter bus layover spots. So if your in the area get em while you can. also today I noticed new signs for 4 or 5 spots on 43rd street , between the same avenues. Good luck.

As I said get em while you can, it turns out that parking on the south side of 29th street between 11th and 12th ave. has been changed to no parking except sanitation vehicles only . so now there is only a hand full of spots on the north side of this street



Protected: 9/11 Memorial, Bus parking

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Catching Up

It’s  been a while sence I last posted anything so I have lot’s to report or talk about .

The new Bus Company rating system, FMCSA, go to Bus & Passenger Carrier Safety. at this place you’ll be able to see how well any company rate’s according to the new CSEA system.

As a result of the accidents in the last few years, resulting in numerous deaths,there has been an increase in roadside and random Bus and Bus Driver DOT Inspections.

I have seen them, New York DOT in places I’ve never seen them before. such as in New York city, Downtown Manhattan near South Street Seaport, the west side Bus Parking places near 29th street between 12th and 11th ave. At the Bronx zoo, and probably lots of other places.i’m sure.

Parking in the usual places , no matter what city we travel to Wash. D.C. N.Y.C.,Boston Etc. have become rarer and scarcer.

If you have’nt been to the South Street Seaport or the 9/11 Memorial, sence Sept.2011 there are new Parking locations with new Parking meter machines, especially for Bus’s, $20.00 per Hour limited to  three hours, payment by Credit Card only.


Test app for droid.

This is a new venture for me . So I’ll be able to post new blogs anytime now.

NYC DOT on street pay to park.

Well fellow drivers they finally did it, the city has installed on street pay to park Muni Meters, at a couple of tradional previously free parking spots. check the NYC DOT web site.
I have also seen a few additions to the list of on street free tour or charter bus parking spaces, south side of 38th st. between 11th ave. and 10th ave.

Driver’s and old Friend’s

I have been doing this job for a very long time (28 yr’s)and yes there are guy’s and gal’s that have been doing it for just as if not longer than  I have. I hate to say it but I am getting old or older (56 soon 57 yrs old) in the beginning of my senior years. We have seen a lot of Changes over the years, like this who would have thought that we would be using a computer smart phone or GPS to communicate with each other. Do you remember when we used to carry that big atlas(I still do sometimes) and lots of maps of the places we where going to. How about the C.B. radio that’s how we talked to each other while we where traveling down the highway, or around town. Hell we didn’t even know each other’s real name we just knew each other by Our C.B. Handle Mine was “slowpoke”. Then came the cell phone, and direct connect cell phones our company uses them now, they are very useful. But we cannot communicate with driver’s other than our own, unless you have there direct connect number. I think that part of the reason for me developing this blog and website to come is to get driver’s to communicate with each other. I believe that if driver’s share their e-mail and information we can help each other out when we travel to an unfamiliar area.