Traveling in a group or convoy,

The company charter department , designates a lead bus driver and following drivers are numbered 2-3-4 and so on. Usually the lead bus is the driver with most experience. Well you would think so, but its not always the case. So while its important to stay in order ,this can not always happen, and you do the best you can. Also while you may not be in order when you arrive at the pick up location, it is important to remain in the order that you were in when you left the pickup location and return in same order. Once the passengers are off and safely away from the coaches then and only then the coaches should leave safely, once this happens ,the coaches are no longer near the location, if any individual driver wishes to return to there respective place of origin or next place of on duty service. They may do so, some drivers like to stop n get coffee, or something. The drivers in the multi coach trip are usually all professional , SO in which order they are in should not make any difference.

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