Baltimore Md. Tour Bus Parking

A Drive mentioned this to me last week, and I’m going to see for myself today,5/29/2014, and will see first hand. I hope. But it looks great according the Baltimore Md. Web site. Check it out.
Hi, drivers, I finelly got to visit and spend the afternoon at Baltimore’s new Parking Facilitiy, It’s great, but a little tricky to get to if you don’t have the directions, and at the time I went the directions were not posted on the web site. And the directions to leave are not the same as getting there. Because when you leave parking lot the sign says buses no right turn, and the directions tell you to turn right.
You also need to pay meter with credit card only. No cash. Not sure about debit cards though. It’s very clean, lots of room in trailer, and lots of parking spots. As far as the pump-out station ,its dump your waste into a hole that has a steel plate over it, and you better get lined up DIRECTLY OVER THE HOLE. Your going to have to supply your own water, or bucket to get water inside building, plus have your own chemical. Good luck ,I definitely recommend it ,its not that far from downtown, and its very secure. With a person on duty to open and close gate.
Oh yea, bring your lunch or whatever with you, you can always order something, but I didn’t venture out into the neighborhood because it didn’t look good. Or just not for me.

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