Bus Parking for Nationals Park, in Washington D.C.

Ok, am I krazy ,but wouldn’t you think that when the people who came up with the idea of having a Baseball Stadium in an already over crowded area, they would at least make provision’s for the many Charter Busses, that would be bringing thousands of fans to the Games, a place to PARK DURING THE GAME. they don’t even have a decent  area along the street to drop off or pickup the passengers. So we drivers ride around in circles, hoping to get a legal spot, which is very unlikely, and we ride around the local neighborhood  trying find a spot that’s illegal and hope we don’t get a parking ticket. And don’t upset the local residents. Oh yea there is a Bus parking lot its Lot W, at $75.00 per game. And there usually only a couple busses in there. The rest are cars because the price for cars is $10.00, its around five block from stadium.

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