Bus tires,

I upset a Driver yesterday, while I was parked at Arlington Cemetery, us usual when a bunch of drivers get together in one place they start BS’n , ok, so a driver asked me , while looking at the bus front tires, what do you think of these tires, how do they handle? Maybe my response, was probably to blunt for him , I said I don’t know i don’t really give a FFFK. So he walked away and shook his head, I said wait let me explain, he said never mind ,I said give me a chance and you’ll understand, he didn’t want to listen. So I let it go for a little bit, then I found him and said, look don’t get mad or upset,  I can explain my answer ,he said I was jerk, and he said he doesn’t give a F–k, I said ok now we are even, so I explained that I don’t drive the same bus every day or long enough in a row to compare how they handle, he said don’t you look at the tire during pre-trip to see what make tire it is, I said HELL now as long as it passes inspection that’s all I care. He said he was a one bus one owner operation, and it matters to him how long it wears out. I said but that’s not a drivers problem like me. Or other drivers that just drive, for a company. He didn’t like that,
So today I asked another driver who happened to be an owner of twelve busses, he said I don’t care who makes them ,I get them cheap as I can save money ,because basically if you have good drivers, they will keep an eye on them and let you know if they are wearing bad and need adjustment. A good driver will avoid pot holes, curbs, and other things that will damage a tire. Our company puts over 150,000 miles a year on each bus. So they are going to wear out fast any how. If your a professional driver you can handle any vehicles, Or maybe I’m just an asswhole.

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  1. Well seeing that we work for the same company Carlos I can totally see your point. I look at the tread and see if I see any flaws in the tire or anything stuck in the tire. I agree, in our company and the miles we do I don’t think the make of the tire matters a whole lot. Stay safe out there.

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