Electronic Logs,

Ok, I haven’t used one yet, but someone let me know, with electronic log system your on duty when ever your behind the wheel and driving correct, I spent over an hour in NYC today lookin for a place to park legally on street. No normally we don’t put that down, that sure is going to eat up my on duty driving hours if I have to to that every day . Yes. Or no.???
Well I’m getting better at using this damned thing, one thing I’ve learned is that YOU MUST MAKE A CHANGE OF DRIVER STATUS THE SECOND YOU STOP THE COACH, if your going to make the most of your ON DUTY NOT DRIVING TIME OR OFF DUTY TIME, THIS IS A MUST THING TO DO. Doing a paper log gave us the advantage of going back and round off our time to nearest or next closest quarter of the hour.

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  1. From what I have heard, anytime you move the vehicle for more than 1 (one) minute it must be logged as driving time. The (ETL) electronic time logger is self activating ie: as long as it is turned on it will continue to monitor the vehicle movement and require the driver to log in or continue the recording. As of now, without having been trained, I turn it off and put it in the drawer. You should also know that the unit does not seem to dim down at night, is very bright and is a huge vision blocker because of the brightness. I think they should have mounted them either lower, somewhere out of the drivers sight line. best JP

  2. Yes, it monitors every movement of the bus, safety and Andrew Lynch told me that they or the driver have the ability to control the status of the bus. Oh you can dimm the screen ny going to settings . I wish I could talk to another driver that has been using one already.

  3. Ok, I entered the new era of Electronic Log Books, yesterday ,I received a quik tutorial on how to use it and with a little help from some co-workers I thought I got it correct , no I didn’t, and don’t know what I did wrong yet. But I guess I’ll find out.

  4. Hello, drivers, its been almost a month now that I’ve been using the Teletrac ,electronic log book system, and I’m sorry to say, it sucks, or maybe I’m just stupido. Our company has had several in house classes on how to use it, but unfortunately I haven’t had time to take one. All I’ve had was a few quick instructions, and trial n error. More error than I care to mention. I am getting the hang of it though, but its not easy, there are lots of times were its just not practical. We also have many computer errors, and and if the person be fire you doesn’t sign out or log out properly it will affect your log status. It gave my pickup location in the morning the other day and my drop off location in the afternoon as different addresses, although I was in the same parking lot ,both times. How can that be. There are so many other problems, its not funny. Updates to follow. Lol.

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