Electronic Log/GPS-TRACKING

YES fellow drivers here at Hampton Jitney, we are officially hooked up,


Here it is, dispatch knows where you are 24/7/365.

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  1. does this thing track your hours and your GPS location? it is mounted on V113 and since I had no training I just put it in the drawer when I went Lancaster. LOL.

  2. Yes, it tracks everything. Dispatch can look at the monitor and see where you are, live.
    Does it store the information ,I’m not sure, but the system Sunrise Coach had could and it kept record of you activity ,including SPEED. they could do a printout . I seen one.
    Our bosses, are going to get a special instructions on how this system works then we drivers are going to be instructed on how the system works. Good Luck.

  3. Hi John, yes I think it will track everything, including speed, road traveled , dispatch and any one with access to the program can view our every movement. In real time, our bosses will get special instructions, then they will give instructions to the drivers, they will also be able to store the information.

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